Day 3- Marina Cay

We began the day with some shopping and breakfast. Today we planned to visit the famous Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke. We had a nice quiet sail to this area, however, once we arrived to the beach area we were surprised to see some very big waves and high surf on this side of the island.

More than half of our crew headed on the first shift to the beach, while the other half stayed to be with some maintenance guys ( they fixed our anchor bridle) . The crew heading to shore first had a minor mishap- when they came into the beach, the dingy was pulled into the strong waves and almost flipped with everyone in it. The crew all fell out into some strong scary waves and the dingy barely survived the event.

We ladies found an alternative to get the dingy back out off the beach and back to our sailboat. Our “girls with guns” carried the dingy and motor to a milder beach launch area and we timed the entrance into the water to be during calm seas only. It was bit scary, but no one got hurt!

next destination was to a beautiful location called Marina Cay where we stayed the night. A few of us went snorkeling and some went kayaking. We cooked dinner aboard with flank steak, veges, rice and salad. It was fantastic.

Our evening was spent on the boat where we made many toasts to each other for surviving the swells of Soggy Dollar beach. It was a very special evening where we laughed and shared some great experiences with each other.


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