Day Two- Sopers Hole

Sunday, January 24, 2016. We started the day with a Sunsail boat briefing. This was an informative meeting which explained the sailing area of the BVI, gave boat management tips, and gave us a “What to expect for this week in weather” overview. The biggest thing we learned was that we would be having high seas for most of the week. Exciting!!
We held our first ceremony to begin our voyage with asking for permission to board the boat and we raised our personal pirate flag. Thanks to Rasa V. for making this amazing flag!
We shouted our motto- “no men, no kids, no pets UuuH!”
We were finally underway sailing through the beautiful sailing area of the BVI. As the briefing staff told us, Wind speeds were high (25- 30 knots) and the swells were 6-8 feet high.
Our first destination was a national park called the Indians. This was a beautiful snorkeling are; however, due to the high swells we had a strong current while snorkeling. We saw spotted eagle rays, a shark, flying fishcolorful fish and many various coralheads.
We spent a few hours there and then headed to our overnight destination- Soper’s Hole. This area is the home of Pussers Run which is where we had dinner.
Our evening closed with watching a beautiful rising moon over the beautiful bay area.


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