Day Five

DSCN8641Wednesday, January 27, 2016 We woke up to a beautiful sunny and puffy cloud morning. Today we had some major excitement for what we were going to see. Crystal, Denise, Alma, Laura and I were heading to dive the famous wreck of the RMS Rhone.   This was a 300 ft freighter that sunk off the shore of Salt Island 150 years ago during one of the worst hurricanes the BVI has ever had. We a 40 minute very rough boat ride to the wreck. Our dive masters were excellent. They gave us a brief overview of what we would be seeing by the wreck and they helped us understand the history of this sunken boat.

This dive had very clear visibility. As we descended to the bottom, we again were greeted by a sea turtle. It was a very large old turtle and when is swam away, it glided like a ballerina through the water. So beautiful! The wreck had many various fish- barracuda, parrot fish, angel fish, squirrel fish, etc. The most exciting to see were a nurse shark, spotted eel, octopus and a reef shark. Our dive masters allowed us to swim through the propeller base- so cool! They also had us rub an RMS Rhone’s brass port hole 3 times circling clockwise to bring us luck, love and to return to the Rhone.

We did a second dive in another location called Chromis Reef. It was named after the beautiful glowing blue chromis fish that inhabit the location. We saw many fish as we dove, but the highlight was watching two large puffer fish kissing, circling around each other in the water and mating. Our dive masters said this was very unusual to see. This last dive was a special one because Denise finished all of her skill requirements to become certified. We all celebrated her accomplishment and hard work- Bravo!

After returning from our dive, we prepped the boat for another sail. We left the Bitter End Yact Club and sailed downwind towards Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. We decided to dock the boat again today because the mooring ball option would have had our boat rolling all night. This would have been very uncomfortable sleeping. The docking at Spanish town was tricky- we had to back in the boat to the dock so we could plug in shore power. We did it with no problems.

After a dinner of chili on board, we hit the very fun bar on shore and danced all night. We met some interesting people and mingled with the very fun crowd.



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