Day Four



Tuesday January 26,2016 WE got an early start this morning to get us to North Sound on the island of Virgin Gorda. Our sailing was incredible today.. we had very high winds of 25-30 knots, high seas and sunny skies. Our catamaran handled these conditions well and so did our crew.

We made it to the Bitter End Yacht Club in time to get Denise and Crystal to their dive lessons. They spent about 1.5 hours in lessons. Later, Vilia, Laura and Alma joined them for their first dives in the ocean- it was fantastic seeing a sea turtle the minute we entered the dive location (Coral Gardens off of Great Dog Island). Later we saw a HUGE lobster, Barracuda and many other fish. This was also Laura’s first ocean dive. The other crew shopped and explored the Bitter End Yacht Club area, and hiked around the island.

Dinner tonight was at Saba Rock. We dingy’d over in time for Happy Hour! There were huge Tarpon fish swimming around the dock area, kite-boarders flying around on their kites and a pool aquarium that housed a beautiful eel.

Sailing unfortunately has its snobbery. As we were eating our delicious grilled lobster, a woman approached our table and asked about our trip.  She specifically asked about the type of boat we were sailing- a 44 ft catamaran. She told us a catamaran was not real sailing! She proceeded to tell us how she has been spending years on a 50 ft monohull, thus implying her boat was better than ours. Whatever!!???

Rumors had been floating around the BVI that there was a women only sailboat with a woman captain. A lot of boaters were intrigued as we pulled up to each area with only women managing the boat. Yes, we have earned a reputation already-Ha!

Today we docked the boat instead of using a mooring ball. This allowed the crew to get on and off the boat with ease. I have to say that Job 36:11 has been an amazing boat to sail and my crew has not missed a beat. We’ve caught every mooring ball on the first try, maneuvered our boat into the docks without a scratch, reefed the sails in high winds, tacked, jibed, raised and sheeted in the sails (we have a luxurious electric winch) and found every port of call we were looking for.


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