Day Six

Thursday, January 28, 2016– Off to the Baths!

Our crew got up early this morning and got the boat ready to move on. We easily maneuvered out of the dock and harbor, and made our way to the BVI National Park called “The Baths”. This location required a bit of effort to get to. We dingy’d to a buoy line and then had to swim to shore with all of our gear and money.

We spent the morning hiking and climbing through huge boulders hung over pools of water. This was a fantastic place to explore and take pictures. We swam and visited this location for a few hours and then headed off to Cooper Island for some snorkeling.

Cooper Island was quiet and small compared to the other islands we visited. The snorkeling at Cistern point was great for everyone, though. We saw an octopus and shark, and many other beautiful fish.

Dinner was on board again tonight. We had grilled chicken and veges, and yummy brownies for dessert. Tonight we had a few fellow sailors join us aboard our boat. An elderly couple, Dave and Trish, were cruisers who had been spending several months living aboard their beautiful monohull. Their boat was moored next to ours and they happily joined us for some company. They had been sailing around the Bahamas and the Northern Caribbean islands. Dave brought along his guitar and impressed us all with his singing and playing.

Our other visitors were also moored nearby. They were 6 friends who just started their adventure chartering a boat for a week. It was fun to share our trip experiences with them.

Sweet dreams!



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